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Dave on wheels exposed: The twist you never expected

Dave on Wheels Exposed: The Twist You Never Expected

When something seems too good to be true, it often is.

             Dave Rose, more commonly known as Dave On Wheels on Twitter and his blogspot, has recently achieved some sort of internet celebrity due to some unfortunate events. Or so we are all led to believe. I only just learned about Dave early this morning from a deeply upset friend. She showed me the final blog post he wrote while in the hospital. My first thoughts were about how awful this is, and how life sometimes is so unfair. And then I had an unnerving feeling that wouldn't depart. Dave was deaf with cerebral palsy. Such an unfortunate disorder as it is, and deaf too? So he must not have been able to sign (from lack of motor control) and unable to talk or hear. How awful to be trapped in a body with thoughts but not being able to express yourself to anyone, not even your family and friends. He wrote fondly about his friends with cerebral palsy, I imagined how difficult that would be, given that he couldn't sign, hear, or talk. Suddenly nothing added up anymore. Being a fairly efficient online "detective" I tried to prove my gut (for lack of a better word) wrong. I explain in my email to the Chive below, but basically I uploaded the picture seen below into Google images and searched it to see if it was anywhere else on the web. These are my results.

(Read on to the end, I assure you this gets very interesting)

As you can see, the first link is from the Tobii website. 

Does that picture look familiar?

So after seeing this, naturally my stomach sank. First, because one of my closest friends was so affected by Dave, and his message, although not true, was positive. At this point I wasn't sure whether it would be the right thing to come forward with the information because so many people were affected in a positive way. At the same time though, I realized this wasn't just any ordinary person impersonating some ordinary person. This was some "able bodied" person (referencing his final blog post) impersonating someone that is affected by this horrible disorder. And if anyone deserves credit for having a beautiful mind it is Hunter Dunn. So I searched on. 

After performing a few Google searches I was able to return the following. 

From this I was able to search him on Facebook with some relevant results by adding Danville Virginia to the narrow search by location feature on Facebook. And alas, I found Hunter Dunn. The real Dave Rose.

His links are as follows:

All of this probably seems hard to believe. Who would go through SUCH extreme efforts? I really can't think of a single person... well, that's not true, now I can. If it seems unbelievable, because as a friend once told me "sometimes the truth is more unbelievable than a lie" (something I never believed until now, then I have more damning evidence for you. My friend, who was deeply affected by "Dave" and his uplifting outlook on life and positive message, provided to me the following links after the collapse of her denial about who "Dave", or Hunter rather, actually is. 

Does the above picture look familiar? If not, it should. 

Above is one of "Dave's" profile picture on Facebook.

The above is an image of "Dave" posted on the Chive's website.

Hunter was asked to be the speaker for his high school graduation. Below is his beautiful, and articulately written speech. 

“Tonight, I want to talk to you about determination, motivation, and setting goals.”
“We all have giants to overcome in life. When I say giants, I do not mean those in fairy tales or the ones in the NFL. I do not even mean sports heroes like Tiger Woods or Derek Jeter! I’m talking about the ones we encounter each and every day. It might be a dreaded doctor’s appointment, a science project you put off until the night before, a big comprehensive test, or anything else that stresses you. To conquer these so called giants, you have to have determination, because without it, you cannot accomplish anything.”
“Since motivation comes from within oneself, one has to have that to be successful at achieving his goals too. I know the importance of having determination, motivation and working towards one’s goals.”
“I know about these giants in life. Giants do not have to be academics alone. They can be personal trials, emotional distresses, relationship tribulations, or in my case, the inability to speak, control my arms, or even do a simple task like brushing my teeth. Getting an education and attending school was a giant obstacle for me as well. Having peers and even my teachers see beyond my wheelchair and accept me was a daily challenge too. If I could overcome all of this with determination, motivation, and a spirit that doesn’t mind being bruised, then you can also. You cannot give up regardless of what you face. You cannot allow these giants to beat you. In fact, with faith, even the giant called death can be overcome by believing in Jesus Christ.”
“You have proven you have determination and motivation for you are here tonight. Each of you needs to feel proud of yourself, but you must continue to work towards your goals.”
“Now, I would like to ask you two questions. Will you defeat giants with determination or will you just let your giants crush you?”
Thanks for the challenge, Hunter! Read Numbers 13:25-33 (NLT). The 10 spies said that the new land was occupied with giants and the people of Israel were like grasshoppers. Caleb countered with a faith in a God bigger than the giants and said “Let’s go at once to take the land. We can certainly conquer it.” (v. 30)
Faith watches giants fall!

Below is my email to the Chive, hoping they remove their post and set the record straight, giving the credit to the REAL David Rose, Hunter Dunn.
to thechivesubmit

I felt compelled to send this email even though I only found out who Dave, was from a friend who was in contact with him on twitter, this evening. Having no attachment to Dave Rose, because I'd only just heard of him, I questioned the facts my friend told me after having read the blog post he wrote "before" he passed away. A few things didn't settle well with me. I wondered how someone who was deaf with cerebral palsy would be able to communicate with his family or friends. Given that other people with cerebral palsy likely didn't have enough motor control to sign to David who couldn't hear. Further, I wondered how his family communicated with him before his wonderful Tobii technology which could read his eye movements, since this is likely a fairly recent development. Imagine your surprise after not hearing or really communicating with your son or brother for over two decades and seeing a well written blog post that included contemporary idioms and expressions like "it kick ass on able bodied people". Let alone the fact that he had no way to have heard these things to begin with, being deaf and all. I saw how devastated my friend was, who said she had been crying all night, and thought about all the other people out there that are grieving his loss. After uploading the image of "David" in front of his computer in Google images and searching I found a post on the Tobii website of a young man named Hunter Dunn. It included said image. After doing a little more digging I found the links I'm sending to you now. And after seeing what an effort Hunter, or what people identify as "David Rose", is trying to put into the HunterDunnProject which is even on iTunes, I am appalled that someone else would impersonate him. Not only that, but also receiving so much more credit for faking a death than Hunter has for sincerely trying to make a difference. "Dave" has nearly 16,000 followers on Twitter while the real Hunter has a modest 61. Also, for someone that can only type 4 words a minute, 1051 words for a "final" blogpost (which would have taken nearly 5 hours without breaks and full strength), I can only imagine how challenging that must have been with pneumonia... Apart from the obvious, a blog set up August 31, 2012 (and twitter around the same) with a lot of talk about his "sister" Nichole (which was the topic of discussion for his first post), I think it is odd that he passed only days after he grew his fan base. Fortunately his sister is taking care of all his depressed fans over twitter and email. I've attached some pictures. I just think the word should be set straight because I can imagine a lot of people are grieving over this, and I feel it's wrong.

I hope this finds its way into the right hands. Thank you.


Below is an excerpt from his (Hunter's) Facebook page (and written on his Tobii). I can't recall having read something as deep and impassioned in a long time.

So now that you've all seen the proof. I'm wondering if you're all questioning what I questioned after discovering this. Why? Why would anyone want to go to such lengths to impersonate someone with a disability? Furthermore, who?

Dave's blog was run by his "sister" Nichole Rose, NicholeRose85 on twitter and at gmail. ( Below is the first blogpost on Dave's blogger account. Posted on August 31st, the post happened to be all about his wonderful, blonde, moderately attractive sister Nichole. How kind of him.

What a poorly taken headshot picture. 

I hope that the "85" in her email isn't indicative of the year she was born (pictures don't lie sweetheart). But I guess someone that would lie about having cerebral palsy would have no issue lying about their age. 

Below is her comment under Dave's final, and tragic blog post. I can't imagine the strength someone must have to think first of all her "brother's" the sad and faithful followers before addressing her own grief over her dear and . "Dave" passed at 5:33 pm, the below blog post was posted only 29 minutes after his passing. Did she use his Tobii to post it, or did she rush home to access the post on her laptop? Will we ever know? 

You live in Orange County, right Nichole? Are you going to take "Dave's" advice and go away to pursue your dream acting career? You know, you might actually be good, you almost had us all fooled!

Nichole has now kindly taken care of Dave's depressive followers and fans. The level of celebrity this has received is astronomical since he passed away. I feel so sorry for Nichole to have to deal with so much when she already must be grieving so much.

Please send my condolences to your heart broken father. "David" was truly an inspiration. And I'm sure to him too. 

With the likes of even Kim Kardashian bringing attention to this, it's no surprise Dave his risen to this the level of celebrity. 

But it appears that Nichole doesn't know who Kim Kardashian is... it must have been from all that time  she was forced to spend living under a rock to take care of her brother. How benevolent and selfless of you! You're truly a saint. Saint Nichole Rose. It has a nice ring to it, don't it? 

Being from Orange County, Los Angeles being your nearby neighbour, I don't know what is more shocking, that you don't know who Kim Kardashian is, or that your meticulous planning and execution actually paid off (until now). But wait, the story thickens... 

Below is a screenshot from "Dave's" tweetstats

As you can see, nearly all of his tweets were posted from TweetDeck (a social media dashboard to manage multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts). How kind of Dave to share his Tobii with his sister so that she would spare no time in logging out of his Twitter account and back into hers for timely responses. 

"Dave" inspired many people. He grew his internet fame once he was discovered by two of the Chive models (Erin Willett and Sarah Hill) who shared his story with the world through the help of the Chive's website popularity. These girls genuinely cared about him and developed friendships. Sarah Hill (@_SHill_) the Chive model cared so deeply for "Dave" she tried to fly to his location in Orange County to see him after word that he was in the hospital. She has since removed her tweet because the "family" did not want any visitors. Below is a screenshot my friend provided me from Erin Willett's (@ErinWillet) Facebook where it shows that she had tried to visit "Dave" but access was restricted to his "family". 

So after much digging to find any information, on the only known relative of "Dave", Google provided little relevant results for Nichole Rose. So now we know that "Dave" was actually Nichole, but then who is "Nichole"? Fortunately my friend was close enough to the situation (she was even featured in one of "Dave's" heartfelt blog posts) that his best friend's name is Kate Vickery. Her Facebook link as follows:

Given that Kate was seemingly the only connection to "Dave" that is clearly legitimately a real person (her Facebook account was created in January of 2009), a natural reaction would be to assume that she must be the mastermind behind the scheme. But why would a young, attractive girl, with what appears to be an active life with plenty of friends want to execute such an elaborate and sophisticated plan for? 

It didn't make sense. So I clicked on "David Rose's" link to his Facebook page beneath her picture. And it got even more confusing, David has had his account on Facebook since 2007. How
 is that possible? He had several friends at that point too. But we've already got enough solid proof that David Rose isn't David Rose at all, and not even Nichole now that we look at it even closer. He's not Kate Vickery either. So then who is he? What person would actually go through lengths this deep and unfathomable in order to create a character with a disability. As I was scrolling through his Facebook Timeline I saw a handful of attractive young girls being added and communicated with on his wall. And all of a sudden clarity.

If you've ever seen To Catch a Predator hosted by Chris Hansen on Dateline's NBC then you know this is really not that extreme. Creating a fake account with a young boy to talk to young girls? But now, people are a little more wise when it comes to Facebook. It's fairly simple to realize a fake account when you see one. Friend counts, comments, pictures, etc all help us determine who is real from who is fake. Or so we think. By using pictures and an identity of an impossibly harmful disabled boy it's almost impossible to fail at gaining sympathy votes from young girls with large hearts that overlook any doubt or scepticism. It is a lot easier to believe a young man that has cerebral palsy has fewer friends, comments, photos, and interactions (unless you are Hunter Dunn who is a total superstar :)) than a young attractive guy. Having no photos with other people or friends is an immediate red flag. 

I guess it probably works well for the person behind this intricate scheme (that started as far back as November 19th 2007 when he "David" joined Facebook) that there are thousands of young and attractive girls now in constant contact with him through "Nichole's" twitter. 

So all we can really be sure about is that "David Rose" is not David Rose, or a deceased young man born with cerebral palsy. We can also be sure that this story is much more complex than any of us really understand. We don't know for sure who, or why, but we can all assume. What we can be sure of is that there is someone out there, much more intelligent and inspirational than "David" ever was and his name is Hunter Dunn. And who knows, maybe this was fate's way of trying to give Hunter the credit he so clearly deserves. I don't think any of us would have thought that coming out of this there would be question as to whether "Dave" was a fictional character portrayed by an online pedophile. But with fewer reasoning explanations, this possibility is the only plausible one I can think of that remains. 


  1. Well, congratulations on some very nice online sleuthing. Now a few affirmations with corrections are in order:

    It is extremely important that everyone know that Kate Vickery is not at fault in the least, and was shammed right along with everyone else. More so, really, and now her well-being and sanity may be at stake. Sure it's my fault -- I started the whole thing -- but it was to quietly die after "David" did, and Nichole would just disappear.

    I figured it'd be better that people have a broken heart over his passing than over this truth, which would reveal years of wasted conversations and friendship. Exchanges from the past could have remained as fond, albeit false memories. I'm sure Kate and others would rather have the truth though, as would most people, so again, congratulations are in order on a job well done.

    I apologize with all that is in me to Kate Vickery. She is an amazing person who doesn't deserve this. I'm sure nobody would side with me on wishing you'd left well enough alone, but for her sake I wish you had. It wasn't going to go on much longer at all. A few days at the most.

    You should know that among the thousands of comments and emails (unintentionally) received, a few were from young people who had been contemplating suicide but reconsidered after reading David's final post. I hope they don't go back to the first plan now that you've laid all of this on the table. I'm not blaming you, I was just thinking how much it wouldn't have mattered a few weeks from now because it'd all be over. I guess it's pretty important to you to "save" everyone though, even it it ends up costing a great deal.

    No celebrity or fame was intended in this ruse; it all came quite fast and was a total surprise. Yes, David has been online since 2007, so I mean the fame part of it. Up until recently he only had a handful of online friends. The quick and furious fame is actually what brought about the end of it all.

    David was just a character, a part of my psyche, and fame would soon reveal what it has revealed today. So, the character passed. In hindsight it probably would have been better just to shut it all down and have everyone wonder what the hell happened, but the final post was meant to have the effect it did. To inspire people to love and live a better life, and the public knowledge that it came under this false pretense takes it all away. I hope that people who were moved by it still live by it, but it seems unlikely. It's possible that more damage has been done in your reveal than in the original deception.


    1. First, I will be directing this to you as Anonymous, since you clearly no longer go by "Dave" or "Nichole".
      I now understand why you had so many people fooled. I read these comments through thoroughly, and I must admit, initially I felt severe guilt and regret... but then I realized, that was what you wanted me to feel--and I did. You made a celebrity out of pulling on peoples heart strings. Why should now be any exception? While I applaud you for coming forward, I think you are smart enough of a person (all things considered) that you knew this really was your only option. Impersonating someone is illegal. My "accusations" which are mere assumptions, as stated in my blog post, were only plausible explanations as to WHY someone would do this. And no, I am not naive or stupid enough to believe that Dave was part of your psyche. While I do believe you feel regret and remorse, I do not feel it was because you persuaded thousands of people to believe you were a deaf boy with cerebral palsy. What you have executed literally would have taken a skillful art of deception--a mastermind. You truly went all out in order to keep your audience mystified. The thing is, I truly believe your only intentions on admitting to this was to buy a few sympathy votes in a last attempt at redemption knowing that the "assumptions" I wrote about could become incriminating if this was to go any further. Not only did you impersonate someone but you carried this out for years. I have no proof you were a pedophile, hence my last paragraph, but do I still feel that? Well... I wouldn't necessarily call you a pedophile, although Chris Hansen may disagree based on a per-age basis. What I would say is that this was geared toward attracting young and impressionable girls. Which you did--and well I might add.

    2. And while you are incredibly convincing in these final comments it doesn't change any of the facts. The fact that you created a blog just to attract the attention from girls, you frequently posted about "boobs", and now I question whether or not that was in hopes that at some point girls would send you, the poor disabled deaf boy, pictures of their breasts--thinking you'd never have the chance to see them for yourself. You had multiple twitter accounts just to enhance the effect you created with all the smoke and mirrors. Facts don't lie. You didn't try to communicate with women, you were trying to communicate with young girls. And by young I mean, girls likely to be 20 years your junior. And of course I would never expect you'd accept any kind of "donation". Most perverts aren't online for donations unless it was by means of (training) bras and panties. You also had no shame in having people "Blow off work" as per "Nichole's" request to write you farewell letters before your "passing". Do I think this was going to fizzle out? No. Absolutely not. You Were VERY active from your "sister's" account and I'm sure you killed off your character when you brought fame to the subject because at that point people would want to speak with a person that never existed. You certainly made sure to keep all your favorite twitter connections, and your adoring fans were right there in line waiting to have their chance at consoling your "sister"--and you were loving it. I'm sure you wished you could carry on forever. And while I feel awful about the message that was destroyed, I think that people will hold faith, because there IS someone out there much more remarkable than your ruse ever was, and his name is Hunter Dunn. If people need to look for inspiration, they should fucking be looking at him. Because he damn well deserves it. And not even for one of your "heartfelt" sentiments do you, and why? Because it was never intended to be positive no matter what you try to have us believe. If that was the case, the blog would have started when the Facebook account did--yet it didn't. It started post Facebook when you realized it was the PERFECT formula in order to build relationships with young and attractive girls by means of sympathy and "inspiration". You are a self-serving sociopath. Even still you use one last attempt at deceiving people into making them feel sorry for you. You are truly a martyr... constantly trying to find sympathy for your "pain" whether as David, Nichole, or now--Anonymous. And it is sickening, that even after you've been exposed, you're still seeking pity in any way, shape, or form that you can manage.

      That is all I have to say for now. Time is not permitting to reference each of your points, though I may find some time later in which case I will add more.

  2. (Continued from above)

    Nichole does not exist. The picture is of Devon Kidd, aka Jenkins, who's fleeting fame was as the girl in Tom Petty's "Free Falling" video. Devon knew nothing of this, and my apologies to her also.

    Of course I apologize to Hunter Dunn too. Not much else can be said on that. You're right that he is an amazing young man.

    Accusations of pedophilia are pretty serious. That's a predator of children, and there are no children involved here. There was also no attempt or desire for monetary gain. After "David's" passing, a number of people offered gifts and monetary donations, all which were ignored because that was never the intent or motivation. One woman who you proudly revealed this to on twitter this morning had donated five hundred dollars to United Cerebral Palsy. I hope she doesn't ask for it back now, but I doubt she will. Maybe she'll just put it in Hunter Dunn's name instead.

    There was never any attempt to meet anyone in person (that wouldn't be very successful); just simple role-playing. Notice I didn't say "harmless," I'm not so naive as to think that. I realize how people must feel now and the truth is, I hate myself every bit as much as you all must hate me. I know no one cares how I feel, but I just want to stress that I'm not some smug, self-righteous bastard with a "oh shucks, I got caught" attitude. I'm very sorrowful over the hurt and pain that I've surely caused, and yes, I WAS hoping it would all just fade away in a few week's time and everyone would go about their business, but I guess you needed to pull the curtain back for everyone's well being and enlightenment. I hope that's all that's been accomplished here.

    You've made quite a few assumptions and leaps in your logic, but I'll not address the petty details like how David communicated or anything like that, it doesn't matter. All that matters are the people who are affected, so I must stress again that NO ONE but me knew anything of this. Not the two Chive girls, Erin and Sarah (who I also apologize to and admire greatly) and not a single friend or associate of "David." There is no conspiracy here, just a guy with a twisted psyche who realizes he's caused a lot of damage and now needs to try to figure out how he's going to live with himself.


    1. Hi,

      I would really like to talk with you. Please email me: jroy AT observer DOT com.

    2. Wow. Real apologetic. Classic Munchhausen by internet...blame someone else for the sham falling apart while ignoring real accountability.

  3. (continued from above)

    Who is this guy? Well, as contrite and ashamed as I am, I don't have a death-wish, at least not yet. Getting close though. I have no desire to have the shambles of my life completely ruined over this. I lived once-upon-a-time in the area that David lived in, so it's familiar to me, but I no longer live there.

    Call me a coward if you must, but the outpouring of positive, emotional energy that has been coming in regarding David will turn into an equally powerful negative energy now, and that's something I'd be foolish to embrace.

    On a final note I'd like to let everyone know that on the evening of the fictitious David's passing, I came home and sobbed through the night. I mean absolutely wailed and shed more tears than I'd ever had, for hours on end. Not at the character's passing or the fear that I'd soon be found out, but rather, it was strictly a "what have I DONE" scenario, deeply set in remorse and awareness of the emotional hurt that has been caused.

    To all of those people affected, from those I'd never exchanged a word with to the ones I'd had lengthy and heartfelt conversations with over the years, I apologize. I am very, VERY sorry for the hurt this has caused you. Especially Kate Vickery.

    I'm sure there will be a lot of talk about this in days, weeks and possibly even months to come, because hey, it's a good story! "Sharp Internet Sleuth Reveals Sham!" Only this story results in a LOT of anger, hurt and betrayal, whereas David's was also a good story that resulted in a bit of sorry but also lives that had been motivated and inspired.

    I was sincerely hoping for the latter.

    1. Fake Dave/Nichole:

      I find it absolutely incredible that you put forth this terrible deception, and still, now that you've been outted, are trying to say that the person who outted you "hurt" people by outting you...but you inspired them. You said that at the end of both your posts. You're trying to make it sound like the person who exposed you for the fraud you are is the bad person here. Let's be clear: you ARE the bad guy here.

      The fact that you're trying to make the person who found you out sound like the hurtful one just shows you're not really sorry, and you don't really think you did anything wrong.

      You're just sorry you got caught.


    2. What's next? Certainly someone so deceitful and manipulative will come up with another scheme. I doubt things will ever escalate to this level again but I don't believe that you will ever stop. YOU PARASITE; Feeding on the emotions of people who were genuinely relieved to see the good in humanity. Say what you will, this is all for attention and it sickens me that you will only receive more publicity by coming forward. You wretched scum.

  4. I bet that reply was written by an impostor of the impostor Dave on Wheels. Daveception.

  5. i don't even know how to feel... betrayed, resentful, angry. you're right. for all the good it's done, the negative backlash will erase it all. i hope you're happy with what you've done. this is unbelievable...

  6. I doubt you are a pedophile. You're something much worse. As one of those disabled people who felt inspired, I want you to know that the truth took nothing away from me. Nor did you ever give me anything that was not there to begin with. Any good that came from this deception is not yours to claim. It belongs to the community, to great people like the ladies you deceived and the chive community that fell in behind to try and make a difference.

    It's obvious you think of yourself as a saint of some sort. The sympathy ploys are pretty sickening, but if the universe is just you won't be able to run from this. You'll have to account for it and there will be no easy way out. Don't go try to do something stupid and make these wonderful people blame themselves even more. You need to live and you need to fully experience the repercussions of all the wrong you've done. Erin, Sarah, Kate, and all the others have a right to ask you Why for themselves. Be a man and face the consequences.

  7. You have to admire the patience and tenacity of a person that can keep a ruse going for so long. Especially as it was going on for years before the mass sympathy.

    I feel sorry for all the other incredible people out there who only need 1 famous or popular person to get their inspiration out into the mainstream. I think the only good thing to come of this, is the realization that you shouldn't just read what your favorite celeb reads/follows. Find the beauty, majesty and inspiration of life YOURSELF!

  8. Could you get rid of this awful theme? Every time I open an image, look at it and click "back", it gives me the opening animation again and takes me to the top of the page rather than where I was when I opened the link.

  9. A lot of people create fake online profiles for fun, but you did it for attention. You drank in the sympathy of thousands of strangers, deceived them, and even stole admiration from an actual handicapped boy - and now you expect us to feel sorry for you. Stop with the crocodile tears and go fuck yourself. You're lucky you aren't subject to a police investigation.

    1. I think he SHOULD be subject to an investigation. I'm sure there are a lot of things beneath the surface that are just waiting to break loose. This man seems like a predator, and for him to impersonate someone and use their identity/photos for 5 years should be punishable by law!

    2. Identity theft for one. This person is sick. And they need serious mental help. I can't believe that he tried to steal the shine off of a handicapped boy. I feel sick to my stomach. Thank you for outing this sociopath.

      And I refuse to feel any form of sympathy towards you "anonymous" you played upon the heartstrings of unsuspecting strangers. You lied to everyone and you're just sorry you got caught. Do everyone a favor and either turn yourself in to the police or seek therapy. Sounds like you need it.

  10. K-A

    Is there any way you can contact me privately? I have been speaking to "David" on Facebook since Jan 2008. I was one of, if not the very first, person he ever developed a relationship with on there. Our "friendship" continued up until the final days. Yes, I was even mentioned by full name in "David's" final post. I am horrified and distraught. I had hundreds of conversations with this man. I would like to be a part of any investigation. Please let me know if you can help or if there is anyone you can put me in touch with. I couldn't find a way and didn't know who to contact at TheChive.

    1. Hi there, absolutely! Please email me at I am horrified to hear you had been talking to him for so long!! You definitely should start to try to form a case against him. This is getting to be more and more horrifying as it goes on. I can direct you to all the people who have contacted me!

  11. Great story. Thanks for this. I think you have a small typo: I think "harmful disabled boy" should have been "harmless disabled boy."

    1. Thank you so much for pointing that out!! And thank you for your comment!

  12. Isn't this just feeding into his fame? Why not just expose him and leave it at that?

  13. A man used pity, love, and hope to dupe thousands of grown men and women into thinking he was at least two different people. Do you really think he'd have a hard time using those skills on children?

    Someone who has that kind of need for attention probably lives more than two lives. If he was using tweetdeck or whatever he could easily have more than one extra "life" online. Not to mention that taking almost five years to build fake online relationships takes an obsession beyond what many would think possible. An obsession for attention that he probably wouldn't enjoy losing by killing off Dave or Nicole and then vanishing as Anonymous or whatever. He probably will just log off of Dave and onto who ever else he has invented before or since 2007.

    The fact that he'd use Dave as a way to pick up young girls is highly disturbing, but not surprising. I can only imagine the types of private conversations someone would be willing to have to help out their charity case friend who has a cute innocent, nothing can ever become of this because he's paralyzed, type conversations or pictures or whatever.

    K-A I'm glad you posted this. The internet is full of lies and bad people and no one should blame you for trying to protect people, especially children. Predators use any means to get to their victims, and when someone with issues like this pop up I agree there should be some sort of investigation. Internet predators come in all shapes and sizes, and even if this one isn't a pedophile he could be. And if he was and no one said anything he would go on hurting others. Someone has to take a stand when they see something wrong in the world. Who cares that this is the internet? Real people sit behind the internet.

    The last thing I want to say is that people should still be inspired. They should be inspired by the feelings they had when they first heard of Dave, they should be happy that someone as awesome as Hunter exists, and they should thank you, K-A, for being the person willing to listen to their gut and speak up when no one else did. I'm glad that there are people still doing that, because it is so rare lately.

    That being said... Come on people it's the internet! Can we really be surprised at all! For all we know K-A is a character too! And so is Everyone else and this is really the Matrix! Life is silly, the internet is silly, and we should all be good people not because some one guilt/inspires us to, but because its the right thing to do at any given time.

    Be your own inspiration, all you maybe real, maybe fake internet people out there!

  14. K-A, nicely done. Have you considered a career in journalism? If not, you should!
    Fake David, shameful.

  15. He didn't commit a crime. Locking people up for you believing everything you see on the internet is stupid.

  16. I enjoy that people just believe he is a pedophile because KA said so. I think what the guy/girl did was awful, but unless I see evidence I wouldn't label them a pedophile.

    1. "Dave" had been talking to young girls online since 2007, and now some girls are coming out saying that Dave asked to meet with them and gave them an address. This guy was definitely a predator.

  17. "Hunter Dunn is the author of two books and writes lyrics and music, but because of his physical limitations spends a lot of time in his home."

    THIS is awesome. Because it is REAL.

    We can ascertain one thing from your elaborate deceit and ruse - you indeed are an asshole. Thanks for nothing.

  18. Dave, you make me utterly sick.

    For some months now I have followed a beautiful little man, Andreas Sheppard, on a Facebook page named Andreas needs a miracle. This poor little man suffered from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and was so sick that he wouldn't have been able to withstand the heart transplant that would save his life. I'm a proud member of 'Andy's Army'.
    This child is real, his family have struggled through some real trials and, sadly, little Andreas lost his battle, at 15 months old, on the 6th of October and was laid to rest on Saturday (13th October).

    What you've done Dave, is make a complete mockery of the situation that Andreas and his family, and any other person suffering from a terminal illness, has to go through.

    You're a disgusting individual who doesn't deserve any of the attention you've been given.
    I hope you're proud of yourself.

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    7. I apologize for not sooner replying, but I was unaware that this was even here. First, I posted this somwhere around midnight, not 2 am. The changes in time may be due to updating spelling or grammar as some users have pointed out to me. This was not proof read before posted. Furthermore, I posted the tweet you're talking about referencing when I found out about this shortly after I posted it and was referring to "this morning" considering that it was the same day, and not starting a new day (since I hadn't slept). I have screenshots on my twitter account that can reference times, including the email I sent to the chive at 7 am the day before (technically) that I had discovered this. I'm not fake, and I have all of my "proof" in the above post. I don't know who would be stupid enough to write the post and actually come clean within the same post when it is very obvious there are people that can obtain the IP records... and given that I live very far north in British Columbia Canada and have multiple streams where I am entirely exposed for my ACTUAL identity I don't think it is very likely that your story even has a MILD possibility of being accurate or true. In any event, if you have any further disbelieve, why don't you see if you can "subpoena" the actual email from the chive that I sent the,. If not, I would be HAPPY to email it to you... or, if you have any other concerns, like I said, that and my initial texts where I even HEARD of "Dave" to begin with are ALL posted on my twitter. So get your facts straight before accusing someone of fraud. Just like I have, I would never post something that could be slanderous or make me libel for any defamation of character if not properly referenced, proven, and CLEARLY understood. And if you have any further issues, feel free to email me at or I am hiding NOTHING and if I was, I certainly wouldn't expose something so connected to my actual identity. From both here AND my twitter you can EASILY access my youtube channel where I am hiding behind nothing, certainly not a fake blogspot or twitter.

  20. fucking genius. The normal response is that you can't make shit like this up. Turns out you can, and it's what Hollywood does every day but not so well most of the time. Maybe you can write it all up and sell it to those same guys and one day we can watch the movie.

    And to the guy that unearthed it. Turn your attention to something more worthwhile, there are a whole load of real paedophiles out there that probably aren't as careful as "Dave-on-Wheels". Identify them, track them down and unveil them too.

  21. I have to commend you for what you did. As you've said in the post it must have been a difficult decision on what to do. Post all the information and possibly destroy some peoples ideologies or hold on to it to try and protect the innocent.
    I must admit I am pleased with the choice you took. I noticed on TheChive that they had a link to the NYdailynews article on "Dave" and have to say that I'm surprised their own first sentence give themselves doubts, "David Rose never heard a word of spoken English in his brief life, but he had a way with words." (
    I'm surprised yet more that they haven't said anything about it all being a hoax, whether they want to believe it or not I'm pretty sure they have an obligation to the patrons to give them as many of the facts that they can.

    One final note I want to put forward is what Dustin_b3 mentioned. I'm not saying I support what he says before I start getting abuse thrown at me, but I think it shows just how people are going to start thinking from now on. I'm not sure how long this will last but I think this whole ruse has thrown into question the validity of online persona's. You'll begin questioning the people that you've been talking to for years. People will start asking for photos taken with the current newspaper just to prove that they are a real living person.

    I have to admit, although I hadn't heard of "Dave" until everything came into the light of day it has seriously affected me. Simply because of this idea, what do you believe is real online? Or more specifically... Who?

  22. Overall a good bit of detective work but, as Alex Hearne pointed out on twitter, there's no evidence whatsoever that this person is a pedophile.

    It's like finding out there's a zoo animal in your shed and immediately assuming it's a lion.

    There are plenty of other zoo animals dude.

    Where's your evidence that this person wanted anything other than attention? did he ever ask anyone for pictures, videos etc?

    A pedophile quite simply does not spend 5 years building up to asking for something that -I'm afraid to inform you- is pretty widely available online.

    1. You're probably right that this person isn't a pedophile. There have been a number of internet hoaxes in which people assumed false identities which they used to play with people's emotions and then built it up to a climax with the person's death, or some other crisis. The "Gay Girl in Damascus" blog was the most famous recent example (the supposed author's sister came on to say "she" had been arrested, and the whole deception soon unravelled and the author revealed that he was in fact a white, heterosexual man living in Scotland).

      Also, a pedophile isn't someone who is interested in mid-teenage girls who are legally underage, but an adult interested sexually in pre-pubescent children.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. The first day I heard about Dave Rose, I looked him up on Twitter. I remember the first thing I told my friend that "This is not real." I checked the time between each of his post. I checked how many words he could type in a minute and it didn't match up. I just knew something was wrong somewhere. introduced me to him. They recycle news and exaggerate news a lot, so I took Dave Rose as one of their reporting tactics.

  25. I'd love to hear from the blogger here. I write a blog called Warrior Eli Hoax and we've exposed several cancer fakers. I have some leads on who could be behind this. Could you email me at Nice work!

  26. I never followed the whole DaveOnWheels thing, I didn't even know it existed - but I came through to this off of HuffPo, and I simply say, bravo to the blog author who found out about this. I will say though that it was damn easy - I'm surprised not a single person decided to use Google Images or TinEye or any other reverse image search and expose the whole damn thing. This is the internet - I thought people understood that you can't trust everyone you meet on this thing?

    But, as someone that fell into the, what "Nichole" calls "role-playing" when I was younger, lonely, and stupid, I can also somewhat understand his decision to do what he did; there is a certain fulfillment you can get from it. Hell, there is an entire fetish devoted to it. But "Dave" went too far. If the impact that this imposter claims he had is true, its practically dangerous.

    I'm not one to advocate for releasing people's names on the net for petty revenge - people's lives can be destroyed by it. But if one single person has their own lives destroyed by "Dave" and his imposter's arrogance and audacity, I'm not going to object in the slightest.

  27. Kate, great work! I have to admit I was feeling that something was "off" when I read of Dave's story on the UKDaily Mail. You followed your gut. very inspiring.

    1. The Mail often recycles stories from other websites on their own site. Often they present an inaccurate spin, as with their coverage of Chrissy Symanski's suicide (they claimed it was so that her ex-boyfriend could move on from her, but really it was because she hated being paralysed - her family posted a notice that the Mail's article should be disregarded). I think they pinched most of this from the Huffington Post.

  28. KA--"David's" words inspired his 15,000 followers and helped some people get through some very tough times... How does this change just because you exposed that he wasnt real? Are you just bent on making sure noone steals the 5 minute fame you so obviously are vying for??? If someone's words can inspire thousands to be better people and to do kind things, what is so wrong about that? You cynics need to just leave well enough alone. Do the thousands or people whose days he made a little brighter due to his inspirational outlook in life regret having better days????

  29. Hello fake david/nicole,
    My heart was questioning when I was reading your blog. The usage of contemporary English, especially in the words "stay away from her. Grrrr". How could you write such things when you are born deaf. your little blue "will"chair, usage of language and the rate at which you have created lengthy blog posts etc, left my logical brain perturbed. But whatever you gave out was a simple positive outlook over life. But doing that in disguise of another is indigestible. Thanks for that and applauding your courage to come forward anonymously and have your message. Seriously, I emailed to on 13th october. That was your ability to convince light hearted people. So better take up a writing career. That's a suggestion I can make to you. Thanks for the blog author in her brilliant effort to enlighten us.

  30. Kristi-Anne I applaud you for going on your hunch and exposing this disgusting individual for the fraud he is. FAR too many people get away with this type of thing and the tragedy is that the real deserving people, the ones whos stories make you want to better yourself get questioned about how real they are because of monsters like this guy. I hope he's never able to escape the shadow of shame that he should rightfully be feeling. No matter what he tries to do or how he tires to justify himself remember YOU are the true victor for exposing him. And because of that I think everyone can be fairly certain that he won't be trying to do this again anytime soon and due to the widespread coverage this story is getting you are dettering other like minded monsters such as him by scaring them into being caught.

    1. Victor???? I dont see how any one was a victor in this situation.

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