Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dave on Wheels Exposed as David Rhodes

A Chink in David Rose's Armour:
The Answers We've All Been Waiting For...


I acknowledge that the post you're about to read may be difficult to swallow, but I don't think one person out there has been able to swallow or justify any of the aforementioned (http://dave-on-wheels-exposed.blogspot.ca/2012/10/dave-on-wheels-exposed-twist-you-never.html) sham. and I have not done my best to remove my eminent distaste. It may come off as being too harsh, unfair, or downright cruel. But and I sincerely apologize to those I may offend by exposing who I truly believe to be a predator. For this reason I have not padded my sarcasm, or my use of wording. I warn in advance that this will not be a pleasant read, and if you feel you may be offended by the reveal of a man that spent 5 years deceiving girls easily 25-30 some-odd years his junior, then please do not read on. You have been formally warned. Alright then, let's carry on.

          In an effort to publish this post as quickly as possible it may not be as captivating or detail-rich as my previous. That said, much like my previous post I do have damning and curious proof of the very complex and disturbed man that was masquerading behind a persona he created of a paraplegic, deaf boy with cerebral palsy, he claims "was just a character, a part of [his] psyche". His words, not mine. And while I could tear apart his final comments, relating to what was exposed on my blog, I will save you from any related conjecture. It was clear that once it became public knowledge "Dave" in actuality was an elaborate fabrication his actual identity would be soon to follow. And after continuing this extensive façade for over 5 years with countless impressionable, young minds, it should be expected that among the heaps of dirt would lie sufficient information to uncover the identity of our infamous John Doe. It was just a matter of digging. So after everything exploded it came as no surprise that I was contacted by many girls wishing to share their stories. And what was discovered was much more unsettling than what had merely scratched the surface of this deranged and enigmatic man. After communicating with a bewildered "friend" of "David's" and being privy to the results of her meticulous searching, and sorting, through conversations and messages they'd had, she discovered a piece of information that threatened to bring "Dave" and his house-of-cards tumbling down. While what she found was a deceivingly harmless piece of information, upon further inspection it proved to be the very key that was able to crack the lock on pandoras box. And the mystery exposed from within is much more perplexing than anyone could have imagined.

The girl in question wishes to remain somewhat anonymous, so for the rest of the post I will be referring to her as J. I'd formally like to thank her for coming forward when this questionable character clearly poses a risk toward the well being of all victims involved. She wanted to make sure she could help assisting any what she could to identifying the predator still walking among us.

The rest of the post will be fairly content heavy, and in order to link as many connections to the case as possible I have taken the liberty of downloading much of the media and information online. As well I have taken countless screenshots of information therefore negating the plausibility of mistaken identity and preventing any ensuing negligence over the possibility of removed data.

And so we begin.

Below is a conversation between "Dave" and one of his loving followers. After scouring her Direct Messages between she and "Dave" J was able to return the following screenshot of "Dave" providing his email address. It is only natural to assume this email address, like everything else, was just created to contribute to the illusion of "Dave" being legitimate. And while that may very well still be the case, what it did reveal was much more shocking.

After doing Google searches with bleak results I attempted to "discover" whether the account was still active. And of course not by emailing him--that would be silly. No, I tried to retrieve his password. Not shockingly, the account had been deleted 0 days ago! You don't say!

Fortunately, no dead-end here. What J hadn't realized, or acknowledged before discovering these messages, was that having already had "Dave's" faux email in her contacts on Gmail, it was automatically linked to her Google+ account. When she went into her email to search his address she realized it was actually connected to a real account. 



Dave Rhodes's... far from the 24 year old DaveonWheels

(Impatient? Skip to the end "Second best for last" to skip the "proof" throughout)

So, this revealed to be the profile for 53 year old, David Rhodes... sound familiar? Maybe because his character's name was David Rose... Rhodes=RhOdES. You can actually spell Rose's last name with the letters in Rhodes, apart from the fact that they sound shockingly similar. But why would a man seemingly intelligent enough to conceal his identity for over 5 years use a name so similar to his own?

After realizing his Google+ page was essentially the missing and connecting link to the unveiling of this mystery some further digging ensued.

The above image is a screenshot from David's actual blog (TheRhodester.net). Something felt all too familiar from this as well...  You're wondering why?

Well it probably felt familiar to you too. What's more interesting is that if you look at the actual dates in these screenshots, you'll notice that the last article on the Rhodster.net was posted on August 28th, 2012. Now check the initial post date on the DaveonWheels blogspot, August 31st, 2012. Shocking. Well, no, after this--it shouldn't be. It almost feels like David wanted to be caught. And I urge anyone visiting his blog to avoid clicking any advertisements, he should not profit for deceiving thousands of innocent people.

Oh your wife's an online editor too? Please tell me all about how she'll be covering your story when you've been identified.

And you were an actor? You've got to be kidding me, there's no way someone as genuine and sincere could have had any acting experience.

From here we took to twitter, following the links right out of his Google+ profile. (For reference https://twitter.com/DavidWRhodes)

My, my Dave, so brazen? Actually tweeting on the day of your outing?

Work, really? Is that what you call handling your "articulate and damned good looking" following of "internet folk"? Has deceiving endless cycles of girls really gotten so redundant? As far as your blog shows, you're a full-time blogger... though, you haven't posted a single "article" since August 28th. Curious.

Although, it was mildly and shortly entertaining to see Dave behind the wheels what I was really searching for was some incriminating evidence... a connection beyond a closely related surname. I now wanted to see if our new Dave was as fond of TweetDeck as our last.


And the writing is on the wall... check out those TweetDeck stats!

Of course he did... and why wouldn't he? Connection to Daveonwheels (not that there is any question). Alright, moving on!

Google results actually provided more than anticipated.


(Unfortunately for whatever reason PeekYou went down, so this above link is Google's cached copy. Nevertheless all the links work just the same)

So from here it was interesting to see the accounts that are still active, and those that are no longer. Dave apparently did some 2012 "house cleaning" and started to switch everything over to new accounts. New twitter, facebook, youtube, etc. etc. etc. Why though? Hoping to keep the darkest secrets buried?

Funny, your newest Facebook account was created on the same day as your 2012 cleaning as referenced above from your "old" Google+ profile (https://plus.google.com/101451734637557853960/posts?banner=pwa)

Unfortunately the previous account was deleted.

Twitter however has not been deactivated. 13,000 Tweets?! I can't decide if you're a predator or just so addicted to twitter you needed new people to tweet to!

Seems like you had a lot to say on twitter up until the 30th of August... probably because you got so busy with "work". Right dave?

Your YouTube channel, while boring, provided a very frightening look at a predator in action. 

How awesome of you to reinvent yourself as DW. It seems you are fond of reinvention. You're the Madonna of online predators, David Rose, Dave Rhodes, DW, DaveWRhodes, TheRhodester, Dave Will Rhodes (or Rose, whichever you prefer), and the list seems to carry on.


Dave "discussing" his house cleaning of social media. 4 viewers Dave. Don't think anyone really cared that you were making a new account--until now that is.

Really unsettling to see this. While the quality is very poor, I thought most accounts would go down not long after this goes public. So here you get to see for yourself why watching evokes feelings that feel so violating. 

For someone that claims "David Rose" belonged to the psyche of Dave Rhodes it almost seems unnatural, if that truly is the case, that there are so many actual connections between David himself and this "character" he invented. Below you'll see what I mean.

So we know from DaveonWheels that he liked Taylor Swift because of her lyrics... so I'm wondering, if he likes her for her music too? Given that you isn't actually deaf. Or maybe it's because she's "articulate and damned good looking".

He really must have liked that that song.

I wonder what he thinks about the "boobs [making] a sound". He seems to really have an interest.

David was just a character, a part of my psyche, and fame would soon reveal what it has revealed today. So, the character passed. In hindsight it probably would have been better just to shut it all down and have everyone wonder what the hell happened, but the final post was meant to have the effect it did. To inspire people to love and live a better life, and the public knowledge that it came under this false pretense takes it all away. I hope that people who were moved by it still live by it, but it seems unlikely. It's possible that more damage has been done in your reveal than in the original deception.

Yeah, I can see how badly you wanted to inspire people... I'm actually impressed with your self-control and virtue to have been married since 1990 (12 years) and remained celibate. It makes so much more sense now and I understand your desire "to get laid before [you] die".
Ironically... and speaking of your death:

Did you killing "yourself" (i.e.; DaveonWheels) on October 11th a birthday gift for your wife? Or just good timing; Two-bird's-one-stone kinda deal? 

Quoting Dave directly from his comment which can be found on my original post as Nichole he writes:

"Call me a coward if you must, but the outpouring of positive, emotional energy that has been coming in regarding David will turn into an equally powerful negative energy now, and that's something I'd be foolish to embrace."

There was never any attempt to meet anyone in person (that wouldn't be very successful); just simple role-playing. Notice I didn't say "harmless," I'm not so naive as to think that. I realize how people must feel now and the truth is, I hate myself every bit as much as you all must hate me. I know no one cares how I feel, but I just want to stress that I'm not some smug, self-righteous bastard with a "oh shucks, I got caught" attitude. I'm very sorrowful over the hurt and pain that I've surely caused, and yes, I WAS hoping it would all just fade away in a few week's time and everyone would go about their business, but I guess you needed to pull the curtain back for everyone's well being and enlightenment. I hope that's all that's been accomplished here.

I thought there were never any attempts to meet anyone in person, Dave.

Below is the email of a girl who had been in contact with "David Rose" for 5 years. 

Her story is heart breaking, not to mention terrifying. Was there a possibility that it went beyond what was on the computer? After all, Dave HAS admitted that he lived where "David" supposedly lived. Below are Dave's words as quoted from two different areas of his comments the taken from previous post.

"Who is this guy? Well, as contrite and ashamed as I am, I don't have a death-wish, at least not yet. Getting close though. I have no desire to have the shambles of my life completely ruined over this. I lived once-upon-a-time in the area that David lived in, so it's familiar to me, but I no longer live there." 

I'm sure there will be a lot of talk about this in days, weeks and possibly even months to come, because hey, it's a good story! "Sharp Internet Sleuth Reveals Sham!" Only this story results in a LOT of anger, hurt and betrayal, whereas David's was also a good story that resulted in a bit of sorry but also lives that had been motivated and inspired.

I was sincerely hoping for the latter.

Yeah, I can see from all the above messages between you and your loyal, adoring followers, you were sincerely hoping for the latter.


Well Dave, cat's out'a the bag now, and we've connected all the dots. But there is just one more thing. We've identified as everything leading back to you, we have essentially placed you at the scene of the crime but let's end this now and put the gun back in your hand. 
The following pictures I came across by sheer dumb luck. It is incredible that once you look into the life of David William Rhode a little bit deeper you realize there are likely few facts about his life he doesn't have online The following was as per one of the images he uploaded into his "Photos From Posts" album on his (current) Google+ profile.

What you see above may pose to be innocent and without any evidence, however there is much that lies beneath the surface. This may be the second most important piece of infer First of all, please note that I have indicated areas of importance. First I'd like to note the obvious--TweetDeck opened on his desktop. I wonder what you were using that for Dave. Second, this may be seemingly unimportant but it's clear he is using a Windows operating system and he has Chrome and Firefox web browsers in his task bar. Dave's resolution on his computer is 1024 X 600. This may mean nothing to the ordinary user, but to anyone familiar with computers, they'd know this is an unusual resolution--in short, it means it was taken on a very small computer screen. Which happens to be fortunate for us.

I've included proof of the album's existence, just in the event that it goes "missing".

The resolution as viewed on Google+

The above image where Dave boasts about his new "netbook" (i.e.; very small basic notebook computers often used for the "net").

Above from the Geek.com capable resolutions for netbook computers!

So why is this resolution so important? Because of Google Analytics. Before posting my blog post I set up Google Analytics on my post to ensure I would be able to see who my initial viewers were. Just incase it led to any "discoveries". Below are screen shots from the information that served most useful from that single screenshot above. 

As you can see in each screenshot, I have identified the areas of interest. As you can see at the top of this image it narrows down the area from country, to state, and then city. 155 viewers from San Francisco alone. I've organized analytics by resolution since it was the easiest to segment based on our information. 

You can see Dave arrived at my post through t.com which is Twitters linking service. This is important because Dave's comment from Nichole's account came in before any media coverage. At that point, I'd only informed the people I wanted to of the blog post in hopes I'd be able to identify Dave. Yes Dave, I know--well played. You can also see there are 4 total views from that resolution, and the different sources they got there from. On the right hand side you can see total page views (clicking pictures) and time spent divided by times visited (based on browser, I'll get to that next). Timing is important. This indicates Dave spent at least 50 minutes on the blog (the comments he left were definitely not short).

So in the following image you can see the web browsers used, and just like we identified in the image of his desktop, he uses both Firefox and Chrome. As indicated in analytics.

And as suspected, the blog was accessed on a windows computer. (Pay no attention to the %New Visits, this can be easily changed by clearing cache alone, and using a new browser, etc.)

Below is the internet service provider that provides Dave's internet.

As you can now understand these important facts about the computer David Rhodes uses are important. They guarantee the chances are next to impossible that he wasn't the person who, with the help of a lot of amazing girls together, we have identified and exposed. Sorting through 150,000 visitors is no small feat. This information made it possible.

So how do you feel now Dave? Are you going to "congratulate [me] on some very nice online sleuthing"? Or had you already anticipated this coming. After all, it was you that led us to you with your trail of breadcrumbs. Let's see how sorry you are now. Karma in the 21st century isn't your standard "what goes around, comes around". No, in this century when you hurt and victimize innocent people Karma comes back with a team of bitches pissed off and ready to rip you apart, limb-by-limb. And you can bet your last dollar that they will burn down the very bridge you're standing on if it means you will get what you very much deserve. How [sharp] do you think we now, have we impressed you? You said yourself, it's a "good story" right? I wonder if your initial sentiments regarding becoming "exposed" will be the same now that you've been identified. Are you going to go home and "sob"-- I guess only time will tell. And oh yeah, Dave, all that sorrow and remorse you feel, you affected someone that means the world to me. You changed her outlook on life displaying the negativity of cruel fates when you killed your "character". This is for her, and all the other girls you've deceived and preyed on. Some who have even admitted to having contemplated suicide AFTER you "passed". I hope you sincerely get what you deserve. And if that is too hard for some to swallow, well then I'm sorry--but you can't please everyone. And I'm not here looking to please, I'm only looking to expose--the truth. 

And since it wasn't clear with the last post, conspiracists questioned whether I was "Dave"... and even when I wasn't questioned about being Dave, I was questioned about whether I was a fraud. No, I am not. I thought I made this as clear as possible that I wasn't hiding behind an anonymous blogspot, already well aware of how that would look. I have also used my personal twitter which connects PHYSICAL videos to prove I am not "Dave" or a fraud. I don't even understand the accusations, but to clarify, I am not hiding my identity, and at no point have I been. 

Written by Kristi-Anne Beil (I hope that makes it more clear for those who will likely still assume I'm a fraud, I assure you--I'm not) 

Permission was also granted for use of emails and Direct Messages. All identities will remain anonymous unless requested by the individual themselves. I assume no credit for "uncovering" the mystery. The most crucial bit of information was provided by a very helpful victim in this situation. The rest was just what developed from then on.

Regarding the Chive, I have seen much debate about them improperly sourcing their information and claiming to have been the ones that"exposed" him. I'm not going angry at anyone, this is nothing I regard as being a competition of who got there first or who did what. 


  1. I really hope this does get a ton of media coverage. This guy deserves the entire world looking over his shoulder.

    Im blown away by how much work you put into this :D You're my hero for the next 3-5 days at least.

  2. K-A took me about an hour to read all of this and you done good! thanks for being an awesome person! I know your other blog deals with make-up but you should seriously consider investigative journalism! you are an amazing writer! If you dont get a least a few job offers from this I'd be shocked!

  3. you really spent that much time researching him? for what? wow you are bored. no offense or anything and am not trolling or anything, but u must really either hate this guy or be very angry at him jeez!!! i kinda agree with him, yes the deception was wrong but if it helped ppl and he ended it whats the point of ur "discovery"? a headline? tomorrow is gone anyways...
    oh well, i hope u find more productive things to do with ur time since u seem to be sooooooo tech savvy maybe u could start a business! love. the misus

    1. Maybe you didn't read the posts! This guy is a potential predator and not only that his supposed "good" he did was all for naught because he did it with deception seriously who impersonates a deaf quadriplegic kid? A messed up person

    2. she did a great job. i wish I had her talent. I would hire her!

    3. You clearly don't understand that in order to prevent bad things from happening or change things in the world you sometimes have to act different than you usually do. You have to be proactive and fully commit with your time and energy. Otherwise it might be hard to achieve the desired change. Too many people close their eyes, to many people stop listening and are more concerned about their own problems than helping others. This guy emotionally damaged many people and even worse, wanted to meet up with young girls while highlighting sexual desires. I'm incredibly proud of Kristi-Anne and I'd like to kindly ask you to take back what you said and encourage her and others who read this to always go out of their way to help people and be there for others, even if you don't know them.

  4. Wow Kristi, great work. I literally came across the Dave story on the chive the day before the truth was exposed - basically the day "he" died. I was about to share it with friends on FB and Twitter, had the url cut and pasted and was about to hit send and for some reason I did not. Not sure why but I didn't. Then the next day the shit hit the fan and the truth broke. So instead I got to post the a messed up story. Anyway great work - I hope you are ready for the attention (good and bad) this might bring you.

  5. Good job Kristi, all very damning evidence - if just very circumstantial. I'm not a lawyer but I'm not how well it would hold up in an actual court? Maybe an actual lawyer who reads this could clarify! Is his fraud even illegal? While court of public opinion is important, I'm more interested in seeing if there are legal ramifications.

    1. Sadly, this kind of evidence wouldn't hold up in court. It took a great amount of work, but one can't be tried for using a fake name and talking to women.

      If more witnesses came forth with more evidence, maybe.

  6. Hi Kristi,

    I am the founder of the self-defense non-profit NOT-ME! www.not-me.org. I am currently making people aware of the presence and dangers of Disability Predators on Facebook and other social media.

    I created this blog to provide information.

    I would appreciate it if you would contact me directly via erik@not-me.org.

  7. You're turning into quite the little reporter! Seriously, great job connecting all the dots, I'm glad this guy is getting exposed.

    As Cory said, "You're my hero for the next 3-5 days at least."

    1. "Quite the little reporter"? Well aren't you quite the little gentleman for telling her so!

    2. I was joking, apologies if that wasn't obvious.

  8. It's downright eerie...seems this very bizarre blog post and the lengthy back and forth between the OP and Dave Rhodes in the comments may have served as the impetus for his David Rose persona. http://hotpantsmokin.blogspot.com/2005/09/beautiful-boy.html

    1. Holy shit scout! Nice catch! The blog itself is disturbing and his comments are scary!

    2. Man, stories like that have been around for so long. Always disgusting, and the people who are into those sorts of things are always disgusting in real life too. I'm entirely convinced he had a sexual reason for creating David Rose, despite his protests. He wouldn't have to meet up with anyone to trip his trigger.

      People have always tried to pretend to be disabled, and it makes it tough for those who really are, especially those with hidden disabilities. The net makes it easier for people to do it, but lately it seems like more and more are doing it, along with the illness fakers.

      If it doesn't let me login, just call me deafgimp

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I'm not sure what to say. Thank you is at the top of the list. I'm shocked. Fooled for almost 5 years by someone I called my best friend. I would love to hate him, he lied to so many people. But mostly I feel like he lied to me. He did bring joy to peoples lives, too bad it was with smoke and mirrors. You are amazing at this, turn it into a career. Thank you again.
    -Kate Vickery

  11. Wow, above all, thank you very much. The amount of work put into this is phenomenal and it clearly shows.

    Very, very good job.

  12. There is more...if you google his email address, there are two weird things that come up that connect him to Dave Rose.

    The first is this:


    The second is this:

    He comments on a blog as "David", however he says that he was walking around and spoke to a young girl about having CP. However he signs it "Davis". Note, this comment is from 2010.

  13. echoing Kate - the most relevant thing to say is 'thank you'.

  14. Here's another person who just was caught doing this very thing, portraying to be a sick and dying person. They are saying it may be munchhausen by internet? I hope the law finds some way to punish these type of emotional preditors.

  15. Wow, you should work for the FBI and put those skills to good use because clearly you have too much time on your hands. Idk if I'd go so far as to say he's a predator, but I guess he deceived folks & everyone who followed his blog was deceived by him but and of course wanted to know his identity. And while he is a creepy old man... this was the most. In my opinion.

  16. Wow, you should work for the FBI and put those skills to good use because clearly you have too much time on your hands. Idk if I'd go so far as to say he's a predator, but I guess he deceived folks & everyone who followed his blog was deceived by him but and of course wanted to know his identity. And while he is a creepy old man... this was the most. In my opinion.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Just found this via aangirfan.blogspot. Guy sounds very paedo to me... very very. Creepy old guy lures young girls to talk about u know what. for THAT he should be exposed, not because he "fooled people and hurt their feelings"

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  25. I've been friends with Dave Rhodes online for years. This post and other articles and videos that led to it shocked me to my core. After a LOT of reading online, I'm persuaded. I would love to learn that it's all been a mistake, but I'm convinced enough that this impersonation sickens me. Real people cared, real people were wounded by the deception, and real people's pictures and life circumstances were appropriated. I'm angry at him and terribly saddened. But thank you -- I would rather know the truth.